Why Branding should be important to a Restaurant Startup

Other than clothing stores, restaurants are the most searched business online. Competition is staggering and your brand has to stand out from the crowd. Serving great food along with good service is the primary way to build customer loyalty but branding is how you remind customers on how great your restaurant is when customers are deciding on dining options. A well-defined brand that reverberates with your customers is imperative to long term success. Your brand is essentially the “personality” of your restaurant. The value of your brand is built on the connection that people make with it.

When you start a restaurant, you have to decide on the location of the restaurant, what type of cuisine you will offer, the name of the restaurant and what type of dining experience as far as quick service or fine dining. What most people forget, however, is there is so much more to your restaurants brand. Branding may start with your restaurant name and concept. In addition, a restaurant’s brand also includes many other aspects of your new restaurant business.

Your brand will reflect the emotional connection your restaurant has with its customer base in the area. Think of what your past customers will think about when driving by your restaurant while running errands or when viewing your restaurants advertisements on social media. Will there be a positive connection? Will it conjure up the thoughts of returning to your restaurant for a great meal with the family? Will it entice customers to find out more about your establishment on your restaurant’s website? That is why it is essential any restaurant provide high-quality meals along with superb service consistently to build a loyal customer base.

Most restaurants should build brand recognition in the community to sustain long term success. Included in developing brand awareness in the community is your brand’s mission statement. What are you bringing to the table? What are your ideals and ethics?  Does your restaurant have a unique concept and menu in the community? Does your restaurant support the local community?  These are hard questions to answer when creating your brand. However, with careful thought and insight these questions will provide you with a mission statement and a way to connect with your customers.

It is essential a restaurant’s staff represents the establishment well in order to develop brand awareness with your customers to ensure long term success. Having a “buy in” from your staff is crucial to your success, as you know. Your brand needs to invigorate your team in every aspect of training.  Employee manuals must integrate the values of your brand every step of the way. Uniforms are an example of a restaurants branding too. This may all seem very daunting. Many new restaurant owners hire a professional consultant if the owner needs help with the development of the concept and brand for your new independent restaurant startup. The Restaurant Tool can recommend an affordable restaurant marketing agency that can help an independent owner with many tasks related to developing a restaurants brand.

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