Which POS System is Best for Bars

Your choice of POS software can have a considerable impact on your commercial bar startup. Therefore it is important to have a POS system that is easy-to-use and adapts itself any commercial bar environment. Toast POS is one such flexible system that is built especially for independent Brewery, Bars and Pubs.

Advanced Tools and Management

Toast POS offers several tools to ensure the smooth running of your new commercial bar.

  • Digital ordering for customers (reducing person to person contact).
  • The pre-authorization feature allows you to save card information (avoid fake, stolen IDs, customers can get drinks faster).
  • Mobile POS allows bartenders to serve customers in dining areas if necessary.
  • Products specifically designed for the smooth running of the bar counter.
  • Access data anywhere, anytime with cloud-based software.
  • Adapt and modify settings to suit your bars needs.
  • Monitor your bar’s performance with its analytics and reporting features.
  • Manage and update your bar’s menu anywhere.

The Best Hardware Qualities

Designed by food industry experts, Toast POS hardware is built to compliment the daily operations of most bars. Toast POS hardware is IP54 spill-proof rated so any drink spills and mishaps won’t amount to damages! What’s more, its faster order and payment speed are sure to boost up your revenue. The cherry on top: its hardware is designed to harmonize with all sorts of commercial bar and tavern interiors.

Helps Boost Sales and Revenue

Toast POS features will aid your staff in identifying areas of improvement after opening. You can highlight opportunities for savings and figure out the most popular bar menu items. This information will help your management make the necessary changes and improvements to boost sales.

Having a reliable and accommodating POS should greatly improve the management of any bar, tavern and pub. Toast POS is just what any new bar needs to operate smoothly and improve your chances of long term success.

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