Marketing Ideas for your Restaurant’s Grand Opening

Creating excitement around your new restaurant is a critical step in its launch. Hosting a grand opening is a great way to generate buzz. It is important that your grand opening is marketed properly. The following ideas can be very effective at making your grand opening a massive success.

  • Offer free samples of your signature meals at your event. Along with drinks to compliment the meal.

  • Hand out Promotional Items with your restaurants logo such as coffee mugs, menus and business cards at the grand opening.

  • Hand out flyers promoting the event to local businesses, churches and at community sport events.

  • Promote the grand opening on all major Social Media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn.

  • Run a promotion to donate a portion of your proceeds from the event to a local charity

  • Hand out flyers, Send out promotional emails and Purchase Ads promoting the event in your Town or City.

  • Invite local Journalists and Social Media Personalities to your event to help create a buzz in the community

The marketing strategies that you choose will reflect your budget and the level of time you can dedicate to implementing them. We understand getting active on social media is an inexpensive strategy. However it can consume a reasonable amount of your time. Hiring a professional service that specializes in marketing campaigns for restaurants will save you time and help give your restaurant a boost of new customers. It’s important to get the word-out about the awesome food and experience at your restaurant. Contact Us for details of how the partners of can improve your restaurant’s online and social media presence. 

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