How to Run a Restaurant during a Pandemic

The Covid-19 pandemic has posed serious challenges to a variety of industries, with the hospitality industry hit particularly hard. Operating a restaurant prior to the pandemic was challenging enough, but it has become much more difficult today.

If you are managing a restaurant during the pandemic, the first consideration is to ensure that your restaurant is compliant with the rules and regulations that are in place in the country, state or region, of your restaurant’s location. Although these restrictions vary in scope depending on the location of your restaurant, complying with rules relating to social distancing, face masks and excellent hygiene practices, is going to be essential. As well as having a legal responsibility to comply with these rules, it is important that your customers feel comfortable and safe in your venue.

As well as complying with rules however, there are other important factors to consider. After reviewing the Covid-19 rules in many areas and the comments by current restaurant owners, five factors stands out as being important at increasing the chances of your restaurant being a success:

  • Have a QR Code menu accessible by smart phone at each table
  • Make sure all staff is wearing face mask at all times
  • Disinfect tables and chairs on a regular basis
  • Promote food take-out in your marketing plan.
  • Provide customers an option to be seated outdoors if available

The Importance of Outdoor Space

Since Covid-19 has limited the capacity of customers that restaurants can serve customers indoors, having access to outdoor space has become an important factor for maintaining reasonable sales. In most places, Covid-19 restrictions are less stringent when your restaurant is serving outdoors, which will often allow you to serve more customers, maximizing potential sales. Whether you are buying a venue, or you already have one (or many), finding creative ways to serve outdoors can really make a massive difference in the success of your restaurant. Most important to make sure your outdoor seating area has adequate space between tables and your waitstaff is following the face mask rules set forth by the local government.

Although running a restaurant during the Covid-19 pandemic is a major challenge, there are steps that you can take that will give your restaurant the best chance of succeeding. If you need additional services for your restaurant, you may visit and let us connect you with partners who specialize in Funding, Marketing, POS Systems and other restaurant software.

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