8 Reasons to hire a Restaurant Consultant

Opening a new restaurant can be a daunting experience for an owner. Yet it is important to try and build your new restaurant on a solid foundation from the start. As this can drastically improve the chances of it becoming a long-term success. That is why hiring an expert consultant for your restaurant is necessary in many instances. A consultants expertise can help you avoid major pitfalls.

The 8 Key Areas Where a Restaurant Consultant Can Help

  • Restaurant concept and brand development: Expert consultants use their knowledge of previous restaurants and current trends to examine whether there is market for your concept. Consultants can conduct market research to gain insights into the popularity of your concept in your target location. They also can work to improve the clarity and attractiveness of your brand.
  • Menu creation and development: The menu is often the first impression a customer gets of your restaurant. A consultant can help ensure that your menu is in sync with your concept and brand, as well as optimize your menus layout, food prices and design.
  • Preparation of a business plan for funding: A consultant will be able to guide you through the process of writing a business plan. Most restaurant consultants use their experience working with previous restaurants who have obtained funding. Furthermore the consultants may give you insights into good and bad practices that will help your chances of receiving funding.
  • Obtaining a start-up loan: If you hire a reputable consultant, you can list them on your restaurant business plan. This may improve your chances of getting funding if the lending company is familiar with the consultant. A loan provider may see your business plan proposal as less risky if the consultant has a track record of success guiding restaurant owners to profits.
  • Restaurant layout and design: A consultant can help you work out the layout of your restaurant. Your restaurants layout is important so you can efficiently serve as many customers as possible. They can also assist in ensuring that the interior design of your restaurant is appealing to customers. The design, decoration and layout of your restaurant should still be connected to your concept and brand.
  • Search for equipment and food suppliers: From years of experience in the industry, consultants will usually have a large network of suppliers that they know and trust. The consultant can then advise you on which suppliers are trustworthy and which suppliers are best to avoid. In addition, a consultant will advise which equipment is best to buy, and which equipment is best to rent.
  • Hiring and training staff: As a new restaurant, it can be too expensive to hire a full HR team. Therefore consultants can assist with this task. The consultant will use their knowledge of the industry to hire and train staff for critical areas of your business.
  • Marketing and advertising for your restaurant: Many consultants will use their previous successful marketing experience to create a marketing campaign for a restaurant owner. Consultants can conduct research to identify your target customer, along with creating a cost-effective marketing campaign.

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